Dealing with duplicate items in Memostation

While using Memostation you can learn from more then one learning material. If you at some point add whole learning material into learning process duplicate items can occur.


If you have a felling that you are learning some item more then one time but you are not completely sure you can use a function that will help you to decide.


Just write some part of item into the search box just as you see in the picture.


Items that are bold are in learning process. From the picture above you can say that the user has two same items in learning process.


Just double click on one of these items and when the item is displayed just click the remove from learning button.

EDULEARN Conference Barcelona 2013 - International Conference on Education and new learning technologies

We participated in an international conference in Barcelona. We drew on news and trends in the field of education. Some of them will be included in new versions of Memostation.







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